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The offer of our company includes a comprehensive implementation of the project: from design, through professional engineering supervision and construction using the latest technology and building materials, to interior design.

We employ an average of 200 employees with high qualifications and skills, including a dozen engineers.

We specialize in building:

public facilities (schools, office buildings),
industrial facilities (production halls, industrial installations),
residential (multifamily),
sport and recreational facilities (sports halls),
objects relating to the protection of the environment (wastewater treatment),
restoration of monuments.
In terms of the company are:

production and sale of concrete and concrete products,
• the production of steel and wood,
export services for general construction,
provide professional services in the crane hire (offer details below)
transport services hardware.
We are open to all forms of cooperation with investors and project offices. Extensive experience, professional know-how and executed contracts allow the conclusion that we can thoroughly, reliably and quickly meet the growing needs and demands of customers. This is a great interest guarantees for our partners.

We prefer to contract with a value of not less than PLN 4.0 million

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