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About our company

General Construction Company "Cartels" SA in Jędrzejów was established in 1990 as a result of the transformation of state-owned enterprise.

We are a construction services company providing reliable and timely. We carry out construction of public buildings, residential, industrial, agricultural, construction of environmental protection, modernization and renovation of historical buildings.

The company employs an average of 200 employees with high qualifications and experience, including more than 20 people and engineers and managerial staff - technical, who guarantee the implementation of objects with a high standard using modern technologies and materials. We are fully equipped with professional, specialized equipment. We carry out the objects are of high quality and functionality and performance advantages.

In recognition of the quality of our services executed by our administrative office building in Jędrzejów received in the national competition "Building of the Year 2003" - "Distinction" for the very good organization of the investment process, high quality work and short notice of the building. For exemplary honesty and impeccable manners, business has been honored repeatedly certified Fair Play in the years 2000 - 2009 in the Platinum and Gold Statuette of Fair Play, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum Laurel Fair Play and many other awards and distinctions. (see - Awards and honors)

We offer implementation of your expectations and performance facilities, together with the design, engineering supervision on complex construction works.

Contact with us

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ul. Przemysłowa 8
28-300 Jędrzejów
tel: +48 41 123 123
fax: +48 41 123 123

Awards and prizes

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